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Arau Baby

Arau Laundry Liquid (Additive-free) - Geranium 1.2L

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    Product Details

    Type: Liquid
    Size: 1.2L
    Colour: Colourant-free
    Scent: Natural herb Geranium

    Key Features

    It leaves your baby's clothes soft and snuggly without using any fabric softener. Its unique natural formula, which contains natural aloe extracts to protect mom's hands, dissolves and rinses quickly and cleanly, leaving nothing behind in your baby's clothes.
      • With additive-free and herb formulation of arau., you can keep your laundry soft and fluffy without using a softening agent.
      • Contains botanical ingredients, free of synthetic additives
      • The round bottle style is easy to hold, and the wide mouth makes refilling with the waste-reducing refill pack very clean and easy. 
      • The clear cap is simple for measuring the right amount of for your laundry.
      • Gentle, pure botanical soap made from palm and coconut oils, with no petroleum or animal fats. Without synthetic surfactants, fragrances, colours or preservatives, arau. is truly a safe laundry soap for all the family
      • This natural soap has an amazing cleaning power.
      • With its excellent solubility, arau. Laundry Soap will quickly and cleanly rinse away from your laundry.


    Recommended Usage Volume: 50mL per 30L of laundry
      • Adjust the amount according to the water level and the degree of dirt.
      • There might be slight variations based on the washing machine model.
      • Wash your clothes according to the care label instructions. (For clothes prone to color bleeding, always perform a colorfastness test before washing to prevent color transfer.)
      • Due to potential solidification, always close the cap tightly after use.
      • Rinse two or more times.
      • As pure soap is used, soap residue can adhere to the washing machine drum and contribute to the growth of dark floating particles (such as mold). Perform regular maintenance using washing machine drum cleaners and ensure good ventilation by keeping the lid open after use.
      • Due to its tendency to solidify, when using the washing machine's liquid detergent compartment, either dilute this product by about half or rinse with lukewarm water if any liquid remains in the compartment.
      • For heavily soiled areas, applying the detergent directly and performing spot cleaning will result in an even wash and prevent residual dirt.


      • Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • Use cooking gloves when washing hands, when using for a long time or when using undiluted solution.
      • After use, wash hands thoroughly with water and clean with cream.
      • Avoid storing in places exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
      • Do not mix with other products. It may cause deterioration of performance and quality.
      • Since natural ingredients are used, the colour and fragrance may change economically.
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    Arau Laundry Liquid Additive-free Geranium - Elevate your baby&
    Arau Laundry Liquid (Additive-free) - Geranium 1.2L
    Arau Laundry Liquid (Additive-free) - Geranium 1.2L
    Arau Laundry Liquid (Additive-free) - Geranium 1.2L
    Arau Laundry Liquid (Additive-free) - Geranium 1.2L