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Combi Baby Flower Teether (3months+)

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    Product Details

    Quantity: 1pc
    Design: Flower
    Recommended Age: 3 months +
    Sanitising Method: Wipe Only, No flushing, No Chemical Solution, No Boiling, No Microwave

    Key Features

      • Designed for young infants, this cute teething toy is safe for them to lick, bite, grip, and shake.
      • Enjoy chewing on the colourful petals and the sound of beads♪
      • Perfect teething toy for soothing sore gums
      • Especially suitable for babies from 3 months onwards, the rattles feature clear and vibrant colours for easy visibility.
      • During this crucial period of sensory development, the rattle series allows babies to play effectively according to their developmental stage.
      • Easy-to-grip handle for babies


        • When using it for the first time or when it got dirty, please clean it by wiping with a tightly squeezed wet towel.
        • In order to prevent any damage to the product, please do not wash it with water or disinfect by boiling, microwave or chemicals.
        • It may break if there are any scratches. Parents should check for abnormalities by pulling it each time before use and make sure that all parts are intact.
        • Let the baby play with it in a place where the parent can supervise.
        • Do not place it near an open flame or a heater.
        • Do not let a child walk while having the product in their mouth.
        • Do not try to disassemble the product.
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      Combi Baby Flower Teether (3months+)
      Combi Baby Flower Teether (3months+)
      Combi Baby Flower Teether (3months+)