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Richell Aqulea Straw Sippy Cup (7months+) Pink 320ml

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    Product Details

    Maximum Scale Capacity: 320ml
    Size: 11.5 × 7 × 15H cm
    Type: Straw bottle
    Colour: Pink
    Recommended Age: 7 months +

    Key Features

      • The material is lightweight and durable "Tritan"
      • Straw sippy cup mug in a stylish clear bottle with a glass-like transparency
      • The simple shape with few parts makes it easy to clean
      • Leak-proof with a snap-close closure
      • Easy to open and close, convenient for going out. The cover can be fixed in the fully open position
      • The handle can be removed for compact use
      • BPA Free
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Boiling sterilisation safe
      • Chemical sterilisation safe (except lid and button)


      • Do not pour in with hot drinks until they are cooled to below 40℃
      • This product is not completely airtight. Do not leave it on its side for a while or shake it while it’s filled with drink, otherwise the contents may leak
      • If filled with coloured drinks, fruit juices or tea, colours may stain the bottle. However, even if that happens, it is not a problem from a hygienic point of view
      • Do not allow children to carry this product while walking. There is a risk of injury in the event of a fall
      • When cleaning and sterilising, please disassemble the product into its individual parts
      • Do not put fizzy drink in this product
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product update


    Richell Aqulea Straw Sippy Cup (7months+) Pink 320ml
    Richell Aqulea Straw Sippy Cup (7months+) Pink 320ml
    Richell Aqulea Straw Sippy Cup (7months+) Pink 320ml
    Richell Aqulea Straw Sippy Cup (7months+) Pink 320ml