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Edison Baby Food Cooking Tool Set 7-in-1

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    Product Details

    Size: 17.1 × 14.5 × 10.0 cm / 282g
    Cooking methods:  Mash, Sieve, Cut, Grate, Boil, Steam, Grind
    Contents: Lit, Cooking spoon, Cut and grate plate, Sieve plate, Steam plate, Bowl
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

      • A perfect baby food preparation set with all the functions you need for making baby food
      • Seven functions in one: mashing, sieving, cutting, grating, boiling, Steaming and Grinding!
      • Easy to use and can be stored compactly
      • Includes Edison Mama's original recipe booklet with age-appropriate recipes in Japanese
      • Steam in the microwave, mash and serve straight to the dining table. Just put the lid on and you can store the food until the child is ready to eat
      • The large size means it can be used even after the child grows out of the baby food stage
      • Made from non-toxic materials
      • Heat resistance: 140°C
      • Dishwasher safe
    < Sterilisation and care method >
    All parts except the sieve plate: microwave, boiling, chemicals, bleach
    Sieve plate: Boiling

    How To Use

    If necessary, boil or steam the food ingredients first.
    Use suitable parts of this product and make food texture easier for children to eat depending on their age.
    Methods:  Mash, Sieve, Cut, Grate, Boil, Steam, Grind
    < Boil > Lid, Cut and grate plate, Bowl
      • Place food in the bowl and fill with water up to the line (approx. 50 ml)
      • Cover with the lid and cook in the microwave
      • The water can then be drained with the cut and grate plate
    < Steam > Lid, Steam plate, Bowl
      • Fill the bowl with some water
      • Place the food on the steam plate and put it in the bowl
      • Cover with the lid and cook in the microwave
    < Rice porridge >
    Use the sieve plate or the bowl to puree the porridge into right texture for children depending on their age.

    Making porridge with cooked rice and water:
      • Put cooked rice and water in the bowl, cover with the lid and microwave at 500W for approx. 1min 30sec until boiling (approx. 10g of rice and 50ml of water for babies at early stage of baby food)
      • Remove from the microwave and rest for 10 minutes with the lid on
      • Strain and separate the rice and hot water by using the sieve plate set in a separate container
      • Sieve the rice using the sieve plate and a cooking spoon
      • Add appropriate amount of separated hot water and mix them until it is the right texture for the child
    *The recipes provided here and in the recipe booklet is cooked in a microwave oven at 500W


      • Always use the products under the supervision of a parent or guardian
      • Store the product out of reach of children
      • The product is to be used only in a microwave for cooking
      • Do not drop the product or place heavy objects on top
      • Always wash before and after use
      • The included recipe booklet is intended for children without food allergies. If you suspect or the child has been diagnosed with a risk of allergy, please follow the doctor's advice
      • Do not use the product for any purpose other than that for which it is intended
      • If any damage or cracks occur, discontinue use and replace with a new one
      • Some foods may transfer the colours, but this is not a problem hygienically
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product update


    Edison Baby Food Cooking Tool Set 7-in-1
    Edison Baby Food Cooking Tool Set 7-in-1
    Edison Baby Food Cooking Tool Set 7-in-1
    Edison Baby Food Cooking Tool Set 7-in-1
    Edison Baby Food Cooking Tool Set 7-in-1