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Biore (Kao)

Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml

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    Product Details

    Size: 210ml
    Type: Foam
    Scent: Aqua White Floral fragrance
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

    Gently massage it to effectively remove the base makeup and foundation from your pores.
    The foam texture makes it easy to spread evenly without any patches. As you gently massage it, it changes into a cream-like consistency, adhering to and removing the foundation that has clogged your pores.
    The smooth and slippery sensation during rinsing is a sign that the makeup has been completely removed from your skin.
      • Oil-free
      • Enjoy the refreshing Aqua Floral fragrance that makes you want to take a deep breath.
      • No need to use a separate cleanser after rinsing.
      • Can also be used as a facial cleanser for bare skin.

    How To Use

    1. Remove the stopper when using it for the first time and press the pump several times to dispense the product.
    2. Take an appropriate amount of foam (about 4 pumps) and lightly press it onto the palm of your hand.
    3. As you gently spread the product, it will transform into a white cream. Once you have thoroughly blended it with your makeup, rinse it off.
    4. If your makeup is difficult to remove, use a slightly larger amount of the product and wash thoroughly.
    5. If your skin is excessively wet, such as after washing your hair, it is recommended to lightly dry it before using the product.
    6. Do not press the pump while the product is in direct contact with water.
    7. Do not refill the container with any product other than "Biore Foam Cream Makeup Remover."


      • Do not use on areas with wounds, swelling, rashes, or any other abnormalities.
      • Pay close attention to your skin and discontinue use if any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, depigmentation (white spots, etc.), or darkening occur during use or when exposed to direct sunlight. Consult a dermatologist if necessary, as continuing to use the product may worsen the symptoms.
      • Be cautious when using as the foam can become a thin liquid, making it easier to enter the eyes or mouth. If it gets into your eyes or if you experience any abnormalities (such as blurred vision), rinse thoroughly without rubbing. If the abnormality persists, consult an eye doctor.
      • Remove contact lenses before using the product.
      • Store the product in a safe place to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse.
      • Don't shake the container. Don't tilt it and use it.
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    Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml
    Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml
    Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml
    Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml
    Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml
    Kao Biore Makeup Remover- Foaming Cream 210ml