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Curél (Kao)

Kao Curél Hand Cream 50g

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    Product Details

    Name: Kao Curél Hand Cream 50g
    Size: 50g
    Colour: Colourant-free
    Scent: Fragrance-free
    Recommended Skin Type: Dry and sensitive skin, Normal skin
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

      • Prevents chapped and cracked skin. Contains the anti-inflammatory ingredient Allantoin.
      • Supplements the function of ceramides and keeps hands moisturised
      • The moisturising ingredients (Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extract) penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.
      • Contains hand protection film ingredients (Humectants). Protects skin against external stimuli without losing moisture.
      • Contains vitamin E
      • Gentle on the skin: Alcohol-free, pH balanced, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and colourant-free

    How To Use

      • Take an appropriate amount (approx. 1.5 cm) and smooth over the affected areas of your hands and fingers


    Allantoin*, Tocopherol acetate*, Purified water, Cyclodimethicone, Glycerin, Hexadecyloxy PG hydroxyethylhexadecanamide, Liquid isoparaffin, Neopentylglycol dicaprate, Neopentylglycol dicaprate,
    Neopentyl glyceryl dicaprate, Isostearyl glyceryl ether, Dimethyl palmityl polysiloxane, Cholesteryl isostearate, Eucalyptus extract, Bis3-methoxypropylamide long-chain dibasic acid, POE hydrogenated castor oil, Mg sulphate, BG, Succinic acid, Sodium hydroxide solution, Parabens 
    * Indicates 'Active ingredient'
    * Does not contain urea or steroidal ingredients

    Package Details

    Estimated Size: 3.6 × 8 × 18 cm
    Estimated Weight: 0.09kg


      • Do not use on areas with wounds, rashes or other skin conditions
      • Use with care to avoid skin irritation. If skin irritation occurs, or if redness, swelling, itching, irritation, colour loss (e.g. white spots) or darkening occurs during use, or if similar symptoms occur after exposure to direct sunlight, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Symptoms may worsen with continuous usage
      • Carefully select the place to store the product in order to prevent small children or people with dementia from accidentally consuming the product

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    Kao Curél Hand Cream 50g
    Kao Curél Hand Cream 50g
    Kao Curél Hand Cream 50g
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