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Haiter (Kao)

Kao Kitchen Haiter Drain Slime Remover & Disinfectant - Plastic Type

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    Product Details

    Size: 1 per pack with a diameter of 14.5cm
    Type:  Powder
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

    Simply place the cassette in the drain! Each time water flows, the tablet inside the cassette gradually dissolves, spreading the cleaning agent throughout the drain, providing antibacterial effects, and effectively preventing sliminess and odors. The cleaning agent is a safe neutral type. The effect lasts for about 2 months. Plastic type. Please replace with a new one after 2 months for continued use. Kitchen cleaning supplies.

    How To Use

      • Before use, remove any existing residue or scum from the drain.
      • Replace your current drain cover with this product.
      • Every time you use water, the active ingredients will gradually dissolve and help prevent scum buildup.
      • It is recommended to remove the collected waste from the garbage catcher at least once a day to maintain effectiveness.
      • If you use a water draining net for the drain, the cleaning agent may not spread effectively into the garbage catcher. It is more effective to use this product without the net. (If you still prefer to use the net, ensure it adheres closely to the inside of the garbage catcher.)
      • Clean any dirt on the plastic lid part using dishwashing detergent.
      • This product is not a bleach. For stubborn stains like tea stains or black mold, please use "Kitchen Foam Bleach."
      • The effectiveness may vary depending on the level of dirtiness.
      • This product is a safe neutral type.
      • It does not generate chlorine gas or any harmful substances when in contact with detergents, bleach, or food waste.
      • It will not damage the materials of garbage receptacles or drainage outlets.


      • Do not use for purposes other than its intended use.
      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • Do not remove the tablets from the container.
      • After touching the cassette directly, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
      • Avoid pouring boiling water directly onto the plastic lid of the main body as it may cause deformation.
      • Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause discolouration of the tablets, but it does not affect their effectiveness.
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product updates.


    Kao Kitchen Haiter Drain Slime Remover & Disinfectant - Plastic Type
    Kao Kitchen Haiter Drain Slime Remover & Disinfectant - Plastic Type
    Kao Kitchen Haiter Drain Slime Remover & Disinfectant - Plastic Type