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LION LOOK Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel EX 450ml

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    Product Details

    Size: 450ml
    Type: Liquid
    Colour: Blue
    Scent: Fresh herb
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

      • A powerful toilet cleaner with high viscosity cleaning liquid that reaches deep into the "under the rim" area, adhering firmly to remove stubborn urine stains and calcium deposit.
      • Equipped with a "long-neck bottle" and a "sideways nozzle" for easy application.
      • The thick detergent evenly coats from the rim to the slopes without streaking, ensuring thorough cleaning.
      • 99.99% disinfection
      • Features a refreshing herb scent that effectively eliminates unpleasant odours lurking in the toilet while cleaning.

    How To Use

      < For cleaning and disinfecting the toilet bowl >

      Pour the undiluted solution around the rim, scrub with a brush after 2-3 minutes, then flush with water. 

      < For Cleaning the Tank, Seat, and Floor >

      Wear rubber gloves, wipe the surface with the diluted solution, then rinse with water or wipe off.


        • For plastic items, wipe with the diluted solution and then rinse or wipe with water.
        • If the undiluted solution gets on the toilet seat, rinse it off immediately.
        • Keep out of reach of children.
        • After use, securely close the cap and store upright.

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      Discover LION LOOK Anti-bacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel. Its high viscosity formula targets deep under the rim, removing stubborn urine stains and calcium deposits. Easy application with long-neck bottle and sideways nozzle. Eliminates odours with refreshing herb scent while disinfecting 99.99% bacterias.
      LION LOOK Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel EX 450ml
      LION LOOK Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel EX 450ml