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LION Look Plus Bathroom Anti-mould Smoke Agent - Floral Scent 1pc

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    Product Details

    Contents: 4g
    Type: Anti-mould smoke agent
    Scent: Floral scent
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

    Silver ion smoke permeates every corner from the bathroom ceiling to behind the ventilation fan, completely disinfecting the entire bathroom and eliminating the root cause bacteria of black mould.  

      • Helps prevent black mould from forming and reduces the frequency of mould removal cleaning.
      • Simply pour water in the cup and place the can, easy usage!
      • Regular use enhances the anti-mould effect.
      • Floral fragrance.
      • Chlorine-free.

    How To Use

    < First-time use >

    As it does not remove existing mould, please perform mould removal cleaning beforehand if there is noticeable mould.

    *While it won't remove existing mould, it can prevent further spreading, so it's safe to use even if mould remains.

    1. Close the bathroom window and turn off the ventilation system.
    2. Fill the plastic container with water up to the dotted line.
    3. Set the can with the mark facing up.
    4. Once the smoke starts to come out, exit the bathroom and close the door.
    5. After 90 minutes or more, ventilate the bathroom thoroughly for 30 minutes. 

    *No need to rinse the bathroom with water after use.

    *Safe to use even if the bathroom is wet or if toys and small items are left inside.

    *Regular use every 2 months enhances the anti-mould effect of silver ions, allowing for continued cleanliness with just regular cleaning.


      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • Be cautious not to inhale the smoke.
      • Do not touch the can directly during use as it gets hot.
      • Store away from high temperatures, direct sunlight, and high humidity.

    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product update.


    Keep mould away in bathrooms with LION Look Plus Bathroom Anti-mould Smoke Agent. Reach every corner, disinfecting and preventing black mould with silver ion smoke. Easy to use, simply pour water and place the can. Enjoy a floral fragrance and chlorine-free formula for a cleaner, fresher bathroom.
    LION Look Plus Bathroom Anti-mould Smoke Agent - Floral Scent 1pc
    LION Look Plus Bathroom Anti-mould Smoke Agent - Floral Scent 1pc