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Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack

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    Product Details

    Size: Medium
    Type: Pants
    Quantity per unit: 58 pcs
    Recommended Range: 6 to 11kg
    Country of Origin: Japan
    *Please note: Volumetric weight is applied to this item for the shipment fee calculation.

    Key Features

      • Gentle and high-quality selected materials for delicate baby skin.
      • The fluffy and cushiony material is soft and gentle on babies’ skin. *Exterior parts: Compared to previous products.
      • Soft & Airy wavy mesh: Unique soft and wavy surface design to prevent friction against baby's delicate skin. The surface that touches baby’s skin is airy and wavy!
      • Active waist with a fluffy feel on the tummy and a snug fit around the waist and legs: Adapts to the babies’ movements, ensuring comfort and leak protection.
      • 5x* stretchable waist gathers for easy wearing without tightness and preventing slipping *Compared to the original state before stretching (based on Kao research).
      • 100% Breathable Material: To release stuffiness and ensure long-lasting dryness for babies' ultimate comfort.
      • Long-lasting absorption for a worry-free night. Instant oft poo absorption of the surface minimises soft poo contact with skin. Merries polymers have 200-300 times' absorbency! (Weight of fluid that can be absorbed relative to the polymer's weight)
      • Wetness indicator that makes it easy to know when it's time for a nappy change.
      • Awards: Winner of the Good Design Award: Winner of the Good Design Award, both "no tightness" and "no falling off." 4 years of successive winner of the Mother's Selection Award: Merries is the choice of senior moms. 


      • After opening, store hygienically to prevent dust and insects from entering
      • Please change the nappy frequently and wipe off any remaining poo from the skin.
      • If any abnormalities occur on the skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
      • Please store the nappies and outer packaging in a place that is out of reach of children to prevent them from putting them in their mouths.
      • The urine notification sign may partially change colour even when unused under high humidity conditions, but there is no problem with using it. Additionally, due to environmental factors such as sunlight and temperature, the colour of the sign after absorption may become slightly bluish green.
      • Due to the risk of deformation or discolouration, please do not place the nappies near heat sources such as heaters.
      • The colour of the outer packaging may fade, so please be careful not to let it come into contact with detergent or other substances.
      • The super absorbent polymer used in Merries nappies forms jelly-like particles when it absorbs moisture. It is safe even if it comes into contact with your child's skin.
      • In case of accidental washing, after spin-drying, remove any pulp or jelly-like particles from the clothes and clean out any remaining residue inside the washing machine.
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to products updates and revisions.


    Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack
    Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack
    Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack
    Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack
    Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack
    Merries Nappies JAPAN Pants M (6-11kg) 58pcs Value Pack