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Pigeon Breast Pads Fit Up 126pcs

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Product Details

Name: Pigeon Breast Pads Fit Up 
Size: 126pcs, Width: max 125 mm x length: max 130 mm
Type: Cotton

Key Features

    • Comfortable to the touch and No stick to the skin even if it absorbs breast milk 
    • 5 anti-slip tapes for a snug fit
    • Pad is Soft with a marshmallow fluffy touch. Cushioned fluffy sheets gently wrap around the breast.
    • The instant absorbing polymer specially designed for breast milk absorbs breast milk quickly and is always dry and comfortable. The amount of absorption is reliable enough to catch even a large amount of breast milk. 
    • The three-dimensional cups prevent sagging or losing shape and keep their shape right to the end. No worries about leakage.
    • Individually packaged, easy to change.
    • Rewards:Chosen as No. 1 in the breastfeeding pad category at the 2023 Tamahiyo Baby Goods Awards! 


It is recommended to change the breastfeeding pads "after every feeding". 
Please change the breastfeeding pads every 3-4 hours when breastfeeding.


Surface: non-woven fabric 
Absorbent: absorbent polymer


    • Please change the breastfeeding pads every time you breastfeed. If the amount is too large, change them as needed.
    • If the product does not suit your skin, stop using it and consult a doctor.
    • Do not flush down the toilet.
    • Keep out of reach of children and dispose of immediately after use.
    • The safety of the material has been confirmed, but when using the product, be careful that children do not ingest or eat it by mistake.
    • The smell of the raw materials may be detected, but this does not affect the quality.
    • Do not store in direct sunlight or in high temperatures.
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Pigeon Breast Pads Fit Up 126pcs
Pigeon Breast Pads Fit Up 126pcs
Pigeon Breast Pads Fit Up 126pcs
Pigeon Breast Pads Fit Up 126pcs