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Ariel (P&G)

P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid 910g

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Product Details

Name: P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid
Size: 910g
Type: Liquid, Anti-mite
Scent: Clean and fresh scent
Suitable for: Cotton, Linen, Synthetic fabrics
Country of Origin: Japan

Key Features

    • Removes and prevents dust mites while doing the usual laundry
    • Specialists-recommended laundry detergent containing mite-repellent ingredients
    • The washing and deodorising effect of Ariel remains unchanged, so it can also be used for regular laundry
    • Great product for people with house dust mite allergy
    • Use on your cotton clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, towels, etc.
    • Skin tested under the supervision of a dermatologist
    • Anti-bacterial laundry detergent
    • Can be used for both front and top loading washing machines

How To Use

*Can be used with fabric softener or bleach


Surfactants (24%: alkyl ether sulphates, polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers, pure soap (fatty acid salts), linear alkylbenzenesulphonates), stabilising agents, tick repellent ingredients, alkaline agents, water softening agents, dispersants, enzymes


    • Keep out of reach of children and people with dementia.
    • Do not use the product for purposes other than those it is intended for.

    • Use kitchen gloves if you have rough skin or if you use the product for long periods of time, or if you use undiluted liquid.
    • Wash hands thoroughly with water after use.
    • Avoid direct contact of undiluted solution with the rubber or lid of washing machines. If it does, wipe it off immediately with water.
    • If swallowed, give water to drink and consult a doctor.
    • If it gets into the eyes, wash thoroughly with water without rubbing and consult a doctor.
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P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid 910g
P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid 910g
P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid 910g
P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid 910g
P&G Ariel Anti-mite Laundry Liquid 910g