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Pigeon Baby Blocked Nose Cleaner Nasal Aspirator (Newborn+)

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    Product Details

    Name: Pigeon Baby Blocked Nose Cleaner Nasal Aspirator (Newborn+)
    Sanitising Method: boiling*, microwave* and chemical
    Recommended Age: Newborn +
    *Disinfection time is 3-5 minutes after boiling. Excessive boiling and microwaving may damage the product prematurely.

    Key Features

    Clear any runny nose to the depths!
      • The suction force can be controlled by parents.
      • The U-shaped cut at the tip prevents the sucker from sucking on the inside of the nose, so the snot can be sucked out efficiently without damaging it.
      • The nozzle is angled so it can be easily placed on the baby's nose from any angle.
      • The soft material of the nose nozzle prevents damage to the baby's nose even if the baby moves.
      • The single tube makes it easy to use and easy to suck out.
      • Comes with a backflow prevention part, so the nasal mucus will not flow back and will stay in the bottle, so it will not enter your mouth directly.
      •  With a special storage case for easy storage.


    Bottle, bottle mouthpiece, cap, Non-reflux part : Polypropylene
    Tube, nasal nozzle: Silicone rubber


      • Do not use it if your nose is infected or damaged.
      • Do not aspirate rapidly.
      • Do not try to force the nozzle tip into the nose.
      • Do not use the bottle upside down.
      • Do not use it if nosebleeds occur.
      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • Do not place it near a fire.
      • All disinfection methods are possible: boiling, microwave and chemical disinfection. Always clean and disinfect before using the product for the first time.
      • After use, wash and disinfect each part, dry it and make sure that no water droplets remain on it before storing it.
      • When using microwave steam disinfection, follow the instruction manual for the dedicated disinfection case. 
      • Please note excessive boiling or microwaving might cause deformation.
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product update


    Pigeon Baby Blocked Nose Cleaner Nasal Aspirator (Newborn+)
    Pigeon Baby Blocked Nose Cleaner Nasal Aspirator (Newborn+)
    Pigeon Baby Blocked Nose Cleaner Nasal Aspirator (Newborn+)