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Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple

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    Product Details

    Name: Pigeon Baby Calming Soother
    Size: M (3-6months)
    Colour: Apple (White)
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

      • Designed not to leave marks around the mouth, gentle on the skin.
      • Ample print space that enhances the fun of choosing patterns. Your baby's sucking motion will look cute and charming.
      • Developed based on oral research for babies, this dummy allows babies to suck effectively and offers a calming effect.
      • Shape Teat shape that allows babies to move their tongues naturally. Adjust the length and width of the teat according to the baby's mouth development. Using the size that corresponds to the developmental stage according to the baby's age enhances effective sucking and a calming effect.
      • Softness → Teat with softness that minimizes strain on the jaw, fitting flexibly to the movements of the mouth.
      • Center of Gravity Balance → Stable design that minimizes the risk of the pacifier falling out of the mouth while sucking.
      • Weight → Pacifier weight that makes it easy for babies to latch onto.


      • Before first use and after each use, be sure to clean and disinfect.
      • Always use within the reach of a guardian's supervision. 
      • Biting with teeth or prolonged use can cause damage or cuts to the teat. Each time before use, a guardian should check for abnormalities like scratches by gently pulling the teat. For safety and hygiene, replace with a new pacifier after 1 to 2 months of use.
      • During cleaning, water might get inside the teat. If water enters, push the teat with a finger to expel water before use to prevent mold growth.
      • Remove the pacifier when the baby falls asleep.
      • Store removed hood out of reach of children.
      • To prevent choking, do not hang the pacifier around the neck, and do not use ribbons or strings as pacifier holders.
      • Do not place near direct sunlight or open flame for extended periods.


    Teat: Silicone rubber
    Base plate, etc.: Polypropylene


    Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple
    Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple
    Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple
    Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple
    Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple
    Pigeon Baby Calming Soother M (3-6months) - Apple