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Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)

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    Product Details

    Name: Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair 
    Content: Nail Scissors, Nose Aspirator, Hair Brush, Tweezer, Case
    Recommended Age: Newborn +
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

    This set contains all the necessary items for tending to the nails, nose and hair of newborns. The case makes it easy to store and carry with you when you go out, making it very convenient.
    Newborn baby nail scissors
      • Small and thin blades especially designed for newborn babies. (Made of antibacterial resin)
      • The handle is supported by three fingers, making it stable and easy to use
    Hair Brush
      • Soft nylon bristles suitable for brushing baby's hair.
    Baby tweezer
      • Recommended for cleaning small areas such as the nose.
      • The rounded tip prevents damage to the inside of the nose when removing stuck snot.
    Nose Aspirator
      • The suction force can be controlled by parents. 
      • The U-shaped cut at the tip allows you to remove snot from the inside of the nose.
      • It prevents the sucker from sucking on the inside of the nose, so it can be sucked out efficiently without causing damage.
      • With a backflow prevention part attached, there is no worry about snot getting into the mouths.


    Scissors - Blade: High-carbon steel stainless steel
    Scissors - Handle, Case: ABS resin
    Scissors - Cap: Polypropylene
    Brush - base: Polypropylene
    Brush - bristles: Nylon
    Nasal aspirator - bottle, bottle mouthpiece, cap, Non-reflux part : Polypropylene
    Nasal aspirator - tube, nasal nozzle: Silicone rubber
    Tweezer - body: Polycarbonate
    Tweezer - cap: Styrofoam resin
    Case: Polypropylene


      • The scissors is designed to cut nails at home. Please avoid using them for any other purpose.
      • When using, please be careful not to scratch your fingers.
      • Keep away from places where the scissors may fall, such as underfoot.
      • Do not use the brush in combination with a hairdryer as this may deform the bristles.
      • Do not use the nose aspirator if the inside of the nose is infected or damaged.
      • Do not suction rapidly.
      • Do not try to force the nozzle tip into the nose.
      • Do not use the bottle upside down.
      • Stop use if nosebleeds occur.
      • Do not insert the tweezer too deep into the nose as it is dangerous.
      • Do not force the nose if the child does not like it.
      • The tip is thin, so please be careful not to poke the child's throat, eyes or ears.
      • Do not hold the case and shake it. The product inside may fly out.
      • For safety reasons, please keep out of the reach of children.
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    Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)
    Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)
    Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)
    Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)
    Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)
    Pigeon Baby Care Set with Case Nail, Nose & Hair (Newborn +)
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