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Pigeon Baby Chest Pad for Flu and Blocked Nose 14pcs

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    Product Details

    Scent: Eucalyptus
    Content: 14 pcs
    Size: 4.5cm * 4.5cm
    Recommended Age: 6 months +

    Key Features

      • The refreshing scent of eucalyptus oil and the cool sensation of the gel sheet will refresh and relieve the blocking nose and throat
      • Skin-friendly, mildly acidic and colourless.
      • Baby-size, perfect for babies' small chest.
      • Cute koala pattern.


    • Please use as soon as possible after opening.
    • After opening, fold the cut end of the aluminum bag tightly twice along the dotted line to prevent unused portions from coming into contact with the outside air, and store in a box.
    • Avoid high temperatures and store in a cool place if possible. (However, please do not put it in the freezer.)
    • Do not use on areas with skin abnormalities (wounds, eczema, rashes, burns, sunburns, etc.), or on the eyes or the surrounding area.
    • If you experience any abnormalities on your skin during or after use, we recommend discontinuing use and consulting a dermatologist.
    • If your child peels off the sheet on their own, please cover it with tape to prevent it from peeling off.
    • If your skin has sweat, powder, cream, etc. on it, it will peel off easily, so wipe it off thoroughly before applying.
    • This product contains bitter ingredients to prevent accidental ingestion.
    • This product is not edible.
    • When using on infants, please be careful not to eat it or get it stuck in the mouth or nose under the supervision of a guardian. If it gets stuck, there is a risk of suffocation.
    • This product is not a pharmaceutical or quasi-drug.
    • Do not apply it to your armpits or crotch. It will be less likely to peel off.
    • Do not apply it on the forehead or around the eyes.


    Pigeon Baby Chest Pad for Flu and Blocked Nose 14pcs
    Pigeon Baby Chest Pad for Flu and Blocked Nose 14pcs