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Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)

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    Product Details

    Type: For Mum & Dad to feed babies
    Recommended Age: 5 months +
    Sanitising Method:
    SpoonsBoiling*, Chemicals, Dishwasher
    Case: Chemicals
    *Disinfection time is 3-5 minutes after boiling. Excessive boiling may damage the product prematurely.

    Key Features

      • These spoons are the result of research into babies' oral development.
      • The spoon is designed to encourage babies to eat and drink the right amount easily, rather than forcing them to eat or drink.
      • Easy to take in without putting it too far back into the mouth, thanks to its "positioning stopper" design.
      • Soft material that is safe for small babies.
      • The width, length and depth of the spoon make it easy to eat and 'easy to swallow'.
      • The indentation of the Paste Spoon is shallow, allowing the baby to eat without leaving any food behind.
      • The spoon for water, fruit juice and soup is designed to suit the size of the baby's mouth and to prevent spills.


    (1) Place the spoon over the lower lip and wait for the mouth to open and take in.
    (2) When the upper lip comes down and is taken in, pull the spoon out slowly and horizontally.
    *By not putting the spoon too far into the mouth, you can eat without disturbing the movement of the tongue and swallowing.
    *5 and 6 months is a period of practice to get used to baby food and the spoon. Proceed slowly.


      • Always use the product by a parent or guardian.
      • Always wash before using for the first time.
      • The pigmentation of carrots, spinach, pumpkin, tomatoes, etc. is difficult to remove once it has dried, so please wash as soon as possible after use.
      • Even if food colouring adheres, it is not a hygiene problem.
      • When cleaning, wash with the soft side of a sponge. Afterwards, rinse the detergent off well.
      • Cleaning with polish or the hard side of a sponge may cause scratches.
      • The tip of the feeding spoon is made of a soft material, so please avoid using it to scrape mortar-shaped dishes or foodstuffs.
      • There is a risk of the tip being scraped off.
      • Do not place near a fire or place heavy objects on the case. Doing so may cause damage or deformation.
      • Please handle the case with care as it may lead to injury.
      • For safety reasons, please keep out of the reach of children.
      • Do not wash the case in a dishwasher or dryer as this may cause deformation.
      • When cleaning the feeding spoons in a dishwasher, please read the dishwasher/dryer instruction manual and check that the product is within its heat-resistant temperature before use.
      • Please avoid using commercial dishwashers and dryers.
      • Excessive boiling may damage the product prematurely.
      • Do not sterilise the case by boiling or microwaving as this may cause deformation.
      • When using bleach, be sure to dilute the bleach according to the label for each bleach.
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    Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)
    Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)
    Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)
    Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)
    Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)
    Pigeon Baby Feeding Spoon Set (5 months +)