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Pigeon Baby Teether Bell (3months+) Peach Clover Flower

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    Product Details

    Quantity: 1pc
    Design: Peach Clover Flower 
    Recommended Age: 3 months +
    Sanitising Method: Chemical Solution, No Boiling, No Microwave

    Key Features

    For babies who have started showing interest in objects around them and tend to put everything in their mouths. Suitable for babies who prefer thin and soft items like towels and gauze.
      • The black and white bell captures their interest with sound and movement
      • It's perfectly sized for small hands to grip, and its shape naturally aligns with the mouth for comfortable use.
      • The teether offers a variety of textures with its thin and soft surface for biting and exploring.
      • It can be washed entirely with water, ensuring hygiene.


      • Always wash and disinfect before use.
      • After use, immediately soak in warm water and wash with baby dish detergent or similar.
      • It may break if there are any scratches. Parents should check for abnormalities by pulling it each time before use.
      • Let the baby play with it in a place where the parent can supervise.
      • Do not place it near an open flame.
      • When using chemical disinfection, dedicated disinfection products (sold separately) are required. Refer to the disinfection product's user manual for details.
      • Since water tends to accumulate in the bell part after washing and disinfection, shake well to remove water, place it so that the ventilation hole faces downward, and allow it to dry.
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    Pigeon Baby Teether Bell (3months+) Peach Clover Flower
    Pigeon Baby Teether Bell (3months+) Peach Clover Flower
    Pigeon Baby Teether Bell (3months+) Peach Clover Flower