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Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Gel (6months+) - Xylitol 40ml

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    Product Details

    Size: 40ml
    Type: Gel
    Flavour: Xylitol 
    Recommended Age: 6 months+

    Key Features

      • Gel-type baby toothpaste that strengthens tooth structure and prevents the development and progression of tooth decay.
      • The active ingredient is made of fluoride (sodium fluoride) and ingredients used in food products.
      • The natural sweetness of xylitol allows children to use the toothpaste without fear.
      • Colourless, fragrance-free, paraben-free and non-minting. Non-abrasive and therefore does not damage baby teeth.
      • No foaming agent is added, so there is no foaming and children's teeth can be brushed thoroughly.


    Take an appropriate amount onto a toothbrush and brush the teeth and gums. For children who are unable to rinse their mouth well, wipe with gauze after brushing.


      • This product is not food.
      • Do not use on areas with wounds, rash or other abnormalities.
      • If irritation, itching or other abnormalities occur during use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
      • If it gets into the eyes, do not rub and rinse thoroughly with water immediately.
      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • When used by children, always ensure that they use the product under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
      • Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures, in high humidity or in direct sunlight.
      • Always close the cap after use.
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    Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Gel (6months+) - Xylitol 40ml
    Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Gel (6months+) - Xylitol 40ml
    Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Gel (6months+) - Xylitol 40ml
    Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Gel (6months+) - Xylitol 40ml