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Pigeon Fever Cooling Gel Sheet for Baby 12 Sheets

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    Product Details

    Sheet Size: 4.5 x 8 cm
    Contents: 12 sheets (2 sheets x 6 packets)
    Type: Gently adhesive gel sheet for babies and adults

    Key Features

      • Quickly usable for sudden child fevers.
      • Baby-sized for perfect forehead placement.
      • Skin-friendly, colourant-free, and fragrance-free.
      • Gel absorbs heat and dissipates it, preventing over-cooling.
      • Cooling effect lasts approximately 8 hours. (Replace every 8 hours)
      • Suitable for both baby and adults.

    How To Use

    1. Peel off the transparent film and stick it snugly to the area to be cooled.
    2. After using one sheet, fold the cut edge of the packet twice along the dotted line and store in the original box to prevent the unused sheet from drying.
    *If sweating, wipe well before use.
    *Avoid repeated reapplication, as this will make the adhesive less effective.
    *Replace when no longer effective.
    *Store in a refrigerator to obtain an even greater cooling effect. (Not in the freezer)
    *If the sheet is warm but still moist, the cooling effect remains.


      • Discontinue use if the child feels uncomfortable on the skin (itching, soreness, etc.) or if skin abnormalities (swelling, rash, etc.) appear. Consult a doctor if any skin problems remain.
      • When using the product on infants, people with physical disabilities or others who have difficulty using it by themselves, be sure to take sufficient care under the supervision of a guardian, as it may cause difficulty in breathing if it is stuck in the mouth or nose or put in the mouth.
      • This product is not a medicine. If fever persists after use, consult a doctor.
      • Do not use on areas of the skin with abnormalities (wounds, burns, sunburns, etc.).
      • Use as soon as possible after opening, as the cooling effect gradually diminishes.
      • Avoid high temperatures and store in a cool, dark place if possible.
      • Keep out of reach of children and people with dementia.
      • Do not let a child to put it in the mouth.
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product updates.


    Pigeon Fever Cooling Gel Sheet for Baby 12 Sheets
    Pigeon Fever Cooling Gel Sheet for Baby 12 Sheets
    Pigeon Fever Cooling Gel Sheet for Baby 12 Sheets
    Pigeon Fever Cooling Gel Sheet for Baby 12 Sheets