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Pigeon Safety Baby Nail Clippers (9 Months+)

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    Product Details

    Name: Pigeon Safety Nail Clippers (9 months+)
    Recommended Age: 9 months+ when nails become firm
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

      • The size of the tip of the blade is small and flat to suit children's small nails, so the tip of the nail can be seen clearly and can be cut without difficulty.
      • The handle is a size that is easy for parents to hold and is shaped to give a sense of stability.
      • The case is attached to prevent the cut nails from flying around. Material: blade Material: carbon steel chrome plated.


    Blade: carbon steel chrome plated
    Handle, Case: ABS resin
    Cap: Polypropylene


      • This product is a hand nail clipper designed to cut nails at home.
      • Please avoid using it for purposes other than its intended use.
      • When using this product, please be careful not to scratch your fingers.
      • For safety reasons, please keep out of the reach of children. Please keep the product away from feet and places where it may fall.
      • After use, wipe off any dirt with tissue paper or a cloth.
      • If the product is stored with moisture or dirt on it, there is a risk of rusting.
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    Pigeon Safety Baby Nail Clippers (9 Months+)
    Pigeon Safety Baby Nail Clippers (9 Months+)
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