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Pigeon Soft & Cooling Baby Pillow

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    Product Details

    Character: Bear
    Recommended Age: Newborn +

    Key Features

      • Pigeon's soft cool pillow Pigeon Friends is a convenient cooling pillow that can be used on both sides. It can be used safely from newborns (0 months and up) to adults.
      • The cool air is mild, making it ideal as a pillow for a good night's sleep in the summer.
      • The back side is for when you have a fever. The cold air is strong and should be used during fever. The back side is soft and does not harden when cooled, so it fits gently on the head.
      • The thin design allows for a space-saving and neat use in the freezer.
      • The inner and outer bags have a double-layer safety structure.
      • This product is made of non-PVC material and Can be used repeatedly.


      • Consult a doctor if fever persists.
      • When used on infants and young children, please use it under parental supervision.
      • When placing the product in the freezer, be sure to place it horizontally.
      • Do not chill below -30°C.
      • Do not use dry ice.
      • Do not fold or overcook.
      • Do not allow the product to hit hard or sharp objects.
      • If the bag breaks and the contents get on your hair, clothes or hands, wipe with a cloth and then rinse with water.
      • Do not use it if the bag is damaged.
      • Do not eat the contents of the tail (gel).
      • Store in a cool, dark place.
      • Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
      • When disposing of the product, dispose of it as plastic waste in accordance with local government regulations.
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    Pigeon Soft & Cooling Baby Pillow
    Pigeon Soft & Cooling Baby Pillow
    Pigeon Soft & Cooling Baby Pillow
    Pigeon Soft & Cooling Baby Pillow
    Pigeon Soft & Cooling Baby Pillow