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Pigeon Teat Cleaning Brush 2pcs

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    Product Details

    Type: Cleaning Tool
    Quantity: 2pcs
    Country of Origin: Japan

    Key Features

      • A brush that thoroughly cleans the inside of teats.
      • A specialised brush designed perfectly for Feeding Sensation Teats. It also cleans the fine grooves on the back of the Teats, leaving it clean and tidy.
      • Made with a fine urethane sponge to prevent damage to delicate Teats.
      • Easy-to-grip handle with a gentle curve.
      • Equipped with a hook hole for hygienic storage.


      • Recommended replacement: About 1 month. ※ The brush is a consumable. Replace it with a new one if wear or dirt becomes noticeable.
      • Pressing the sponge too hard against the teat, twisting, or pulling it forcefully can cause tearing or damage.
      • After use, make sure to thoroughly rinse off detergent, drain water, and dry it away from direct sunlight.
      • No Boiling, microwaving, and chemical disinfection.
      • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may lead to discoloration and deterioration.
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    Pigeon Teat Cleaning Brush 2pcs
    Pigeon Teat Cleaning Brush 2pcs
    Pigeon Teat Cleaning Brush 2pcs