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Richell Baby Porridge Maker Set (Place in Rice Cooker)

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    Product Details

    Contents: Heat-resistant glass cup, Measuring cup, Measuring spoon and Holder
    Capacity: Glass cup 310ml
           Measuring cup 270ml
           Measuring spoon 10ml
    Size: Glass cup 9.5 × 7H cm
         Measuring cup 11.5 × 9 × 6H cm
         Measuring spoon 4.5 × 13 × 3.8 cm
    Type: Place in a rice cooker to cook

    Key Features

      • Conveniently makes baby porridge in a rice cooker while cooking rice for adults
      • Porridge (Rice 1 : Water 10, Rice1 : Water 7, Rice 1 : Water 5) and soft rice can be made
      • Heat-resistant glass cup: Rounded bottom design for easy cooking in a rice cooker
      • Measuring cup: Can be used to measure water and mash porridge, also as a serving bowl
      • Spoon: Measures rice and mashes porridge
      • Holder: Convenient to take out the hot cup from the rice cooker. Can be stored by clipping on the edge of the glass cup
      • Mashing: The inside of the measuring cup and spoon are embossed to make it easy to mash
      • < Heat Resistance Temperature > Measuring cup, spoon and holder: 140°C
      • Dishwasher-safe
      • Microwave-heating-safe (Measuring cup only)
      • Boiling, chemical and microwave sterilisation safe

    How To Use

    1. Put the rice measured with the provided spoon into the measuring cup and wash the rice
    2. Fill the measuring cup with water according to the porridge ingredients guide below, transfer the contents into the heat-resistant glass cup, and soak the rice in water for at least 30 minutes
    3. Place the heat-resistant glass cup on top of the rice in the centre of the rice cooker's inner pot and turn on the rice cooker*
    4. After the rice is cooked, remove the heat-resistant glass cup from the rice cooker using the holder, being careful not to burn your hand or drop the glass cup
    5. Transfer the portion to the measuring cup and mash with the provided spoon
    *Place only the heat-resistant glass cup containing rice and water
    *Please place the heat-resistant glass cup without letting it touch the rice cooker's inner pot or lid
    *It is not necessary to change the amount of rice or water in the inner pot


      • Do not put directly on cooktop
      • Keep out of reach of children
      • This product is for use in rice cooker only. Do not try to cook porridge in a microwave
      • Make sure to place the glass cup on top of rice in a rice cooker pot
      • Do not use abrasive or metal scrubbers when cleaning
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    Richell Baby Porridge Maker Set (Place in Rice Cooker)
    Richell Baby Porridge Maker Set (Place in Rice Cooker)
    Richell Baby Porridge Maker Set (Place in Rice Cooker)