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Richell Inflatable Baby Bath Plus (0-6months) Green

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    Product Details

    Size: approx. 68 x 47 x 28 cm
    Capacity: Fully filled 21L
         At MAX scale line 8L
    Type: With built-in air pumps
    Colour: Green
    Recommended Age: 0 ~ 6 months
    Recommended length of baby: 49 ~ 66 cm

    Key Features

      • 2 Built-in air pumps: even mothers find it easy to inflate
      • The inflatable baby bath is foldable, making it easy to store and carry. Also very useful when travelling!
      • Baby-friendly soft bathtub
      • Optimum water temperature: 37 - 40°C
      • It is constructed with a horizontal air layer that is gentle on mothers' arms and a sturdy vertical air layer, making it both easy to use and strong
      • The backrest has a good incline to keep the baby comfortably in the right position
      • The stopper prevents a baby from slipping down
      • Comes with a hook ring for drying after use
      • The time to inflate: approx.1 minute
      • Awards: First prize in the baby bath category – Tamahiyo Baby Goods Award 2022

    How To Use

    1. Inflate the bath with air by using built-in air pumps
    1. Put the water plug in firmly and then fill the bath with warm water
    2. Adjust the temperature of the water to the optimum temperature (37-40°C) and fill up to the MAX line
    3. After use, drain the water through the plughole, wash and dry the bath at a well-ventilated place
    4. Squeeze the air inlet between your fingers and press the bath gently to release the air
    *Inflate to the extent that some wrinkles still remain on the outside of the bath. If too much air is put in, the heat of the hot water may cause the air to expand and damages the bath
    *If you think the air is still not enough, open the air inlets (not the built-in air pumps) by squeezing it between your fingers and then inflate it with an air pump or your mouth. The air inlets are leak-proof.
    *When using an air pump, be careful not to insert the tip more than 12 mm from the inlet. The air hole may be pushed open and deformed, preventing it from returning to its original position
    *Do not fill with hot water above 50°C
    *When folding the bath into a small piece, avoid the built-in air pumps


      • Never leave the baby unattended during use
      • Always support the baby's head with your hand during bathing to prevent drowning or water from getting into the ears
      • Do not carry the bath with a baby in it
      • Do not use this product on water but on a flat and stable surface
      • When adding hot water, remove the child from the water first to avoid accidental burns
      • Keep out of reach of children
      • To prevent the formation of mould, wash and dry thoroughly after use
      • Keep away from sharp objects
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product update


    Richell Inflatable Baby Bath Plus (0-6months) Green
    Richell Inflatable Baby Bath Plus (0-6months) Green
    Richell Inflatable Baby Bath Plus (0-6months) Green
    Richell Inflatable Baby Bath Plus (0-6months) Green