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Richell Portable Baby Seat 2-in-1 (Antibacterial) White

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    Product Details

    Size: With the table 35 x 39 x 22.3 cm
      Without the table 35 x 33 x 22.3 cm
    Type: 2-in-1 (floor seat & dining seat)
    Colour: White
    Recommended Age: 7 months ~ 5 years

    Key Features

      • A convenient 2-in-1 seat for infants and toddlers to sit, play and eat
      • The height of the seat can be adjusted to two levels as children grow
      • Height 13.5 cm with the seat base attached, 8.5 cm without the seat base
      • Floor Seat: 7 months +
      • Dining Seat (high seat): 1.5 years
      • Dining Seat (low seat): 2.5 years
      • The table can be attached or detached as you like
      • Can be easily attached to a dining chair using the fixing belt
      • Designed to have less gap between a dining table and tummy
      • Easy to clean
      • < Anti-bacterial Treatment > Body, seat base, table and lock lever
      • < Compatible dining chair seat size to attach the seat> 35 cm + in both width and depth

    How To Use

    1. Unbuckle the waist belt
    2. Place a child on the seat
    3. Pull the crotch belt up between the child's legs and pass the waist belt through the hole in the crotch belt
    4. Fit the buckle, adjust the length of the child's waist belt properly and tighten it securely
    5. Attach the table if necessary
    6. After use, let the child get off the seat in the reverse order
    < How to raise the seat height >
    Adjust the height with the seat base built into the underside of the main unit
      1. Remove the four screws on the back of the seat and take out the seat base
      2. Flip the removed seat base over and attach it to the seat with screws
    *Tighten the screws firmly. Loose tightening may cause unexpected accidents
    *If the screws are tightened while the belt is jammed between the unit and the base, the belt may loosen during use, causing the child to fall over. Make sure the belt is not jammed when attaching the base
    < How to fix to a dining chair >
    Place the seat on a dining chair with a stable seating surface and fasten the fixing belt over the back of the chair. Adjust the length of the belt so that it does not become loose
    < How to install the table >
    1. Fit the table into the grooves on both sides of the main unit while opening the locking levers on both sides outwards
    2. Slide the table in until the opened locking levers properly return to their original position


    • Children can make unexpected movements and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
      • When using the product on a chair, always use the fixing belt to secure the product to the chair
      • Do not allow children to sit on the seat in an unstable position or lift the seat up with the child on it, as this may cause injuries due to falls or tipping over
      • Do not modify the product or use substitute parts
      • For indoor use only. Do not use the product for other purposes than those for which it is intended, such as inside a car, bathroom or outdoors
      • Do not use near dangerous objects such as heaters, etc. as this may cause burns or accidents
      • For safety reasons, do not use the product if it is damaged or deformed
      • When not in use, always keep out of reach of children
      • Always ensure that the child is securely fastened with the crotch belt and waist belt, even when the seat is placed on a floor
      • Do not use the product on chairs that cannot be securely fastened, have an unstable rounded back or seat, or have a risk of tipping over
      • Do not allow children to stand or lean forward on the seat
      • Do not put weight or heavy objects on the table as this may cause it to fall over
      • Do not allow children to get their fingers caught under the unit or on the table

    Note: Product images are for illustration purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product updates


    Richell Portable Baby Seat 2-in-1 (Antibacterial) White
    Richell Portable Baby Seat 2-in-1 (Antibacterial) White
    Richell Portable Baby Seat 2-in-1 (Antibacterial) White
    Richell Portable Baby Seat 2-in-1 (Antibacterial) White