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Richell Soother with Case (0-3months) Cat

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    Product Details

    Size: Soother 5.4 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm
       Case 6.6 x 7.6 x 5.6 cm
    Character: Cat
    Recommended Age: 0 ~ 3 months

    Key Features

      • A dummy designed for ease of sucking in order to help babies to settle down and fall asleep peacefully
      • The teat shape is similar to that of a mother's nipple for easy sucking
      • Finger socket: can be used as an interaction tool with a baby by putting your finger in it
      • The dummy can be washed in one piece and is designed to prevent water from accumulating inside the teat after washing
      • Comes with a case: not only is it convenient for outings, but the case can also be used for microwave sterilisation
      • There is a ring for a dummy clip to be clipped on
      • Boiling, chemical or microwave sterilisation safe

    How To Sterilise in a Microwave

    1. Fill the case with water up to the scale line, place the dummy in the case and close the lid
    2. Hold the handle and place the case in a microwave
    3. Set the microwave to 500-1000W and heat for 4 minutes
    4. When the case has cooled down, take it out by holding the handle
    5. Tilt the case and drain the water through the drainage outlet on the side of the case


      • Use the product under the supervision of a parent or caregiver
      • Always check for scratches, cracks and chips before use. If there are any of them please stop using it and replace with a new one
      • Always wash hands and fingers with soap and clean water before touching the dummy
      • Do not press or pull hard on the teat as this may cause it to tear
      • Wash and sterilise the product soon after use, to avoid any mould or bacteria growing
      • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and sterilisation to ensure that no detergent or other residues remain
      • Shake the dummy well after washing and sterilisation to prevent water from accumulating in the teat and place the teat up to dry
      • Always remove the product from the child's mouth when the child falls asleep, to avoid a risk of choking
      • Do not allow children to carry the product or walk or run with it in their mouth. There is a risk of injury in the event of a fall
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    Richell Soother with Case (0-3months) Cat
    Richell Soother with Case (0-3months) Cat
    Richell Soother with Case (0-3months) Cat
    Richell Soother with Case (0-3months) Cat