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Hearttex Kids Antibacterial (Alcohol-Free) & Moisturising Hand Wipes 8pcs

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    Product Details

    Size: 8pcs per individual bag
    Type: Baby&Kid Hand Wipes

    Key Features

      • Ideal for travel and picnics, our product is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring hygiene on the go.
      • Infused with Australian tea tree oil, Centella Asiatica, and honeysuckle extracts, it keeps your skin fresh and moisturised.
      • Alcohol-free, providing gentle care without drying out your skin.
      • Crafted from 100% plant fibre, our product is eco-friendly and sustainable, prioritising both your health and the environment


      • Do not use it on areas with scars, rashes or eczema.
      • Use with care to avoid any skin problems. If skin irritation occurs (redness, swelling, itching, etc.), stop using the product. Continued use may aggravate symptoms, consult a doctor.
      • Do not flush this tissue down the toilet.
      • To prevent the contents from drying out, please keep the lid tightly closed.
      • Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.
      • Keep out of the reach of infants.
      • Tissue may discolour when heated. Please remove discoloured tissue before use.
      • When refilling, use clean hands.
      • Can also be used when refilled into the special container for Moony Wipes Soft Thick and Soft Material.
    Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Packaging may differ from the pictures due to product updates.


    Hearttex Kids Antibacterial (Alcohol-Free) & Moisturising Hand Wipes 8pcs
    Hearttex Kids Antibacterial (Alcohol-Free) & Moisturising Hand Wipes 8pcs